13 September 2007


Did you have a bad day today?

Protesters in Chile celebrated, with gusto, the anniversary of the murderous coup that brought über-murderous dictator Augusto Pinochet to power, killing a policeman by shooting him in the face.

The parents of 26,575 children, aged 5 or under, buried them today, as other parents bury the same number of their children, aged 5 or under, every day.

Three more American boys and girls serving in Iraq were put in the ground; who knows how many Iraqis went under (we don't like to count those boys and girls).

Another child who isn't old enough to take her first drink spent the day recounting to police how she had been raped, stabbed, beaten, and burned for a week.

A Tennessee man made the headlines by becoming the first guy the state strapped into an electric chair and burned and fried in almost 50 years. I'm sure he deserved it; I'm not sure the rest of us did.

And Woody Allen opened his New York Times this morning to learn that in five billion years the sun is gonna die.

Did you have a bad day today?

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