23 January 2008

The Scabs Are Healing Nicely, Thank You

Even though, beginning today, I am posting new material on the blog, I haven't crossed any picket lines. True, the Writer's strike goes on, and last month I mistakenly thought it was over, because I got a letter from a writer. My bad. So, there was another literary drought, I grew a beard, and the whole thing was pretty relaxing, all in all. But just yesterday I reached an independent agreement with the writers: I won't write any movies or television shows, and they won't write about criminal defense.

So. No more drought. Happy New Year.

They Shoot Journalists, Don't They?

Actually, I think they cut their heads off. An Afghani court has sentenced a student journalist to death, according to CNN. His crime? He downloaded an article the court didn't like and shared it with his classmates. Something to do about better treatment for women, a suggestion that can obviously get you killed in some countries.

Even though the United States likewise still executes its young, at least they get the benefit of counsel and open, if not always completely fair, trials before we fry, gas, hang, or shoot them.