18 August 2007

The Best Way To Begin

The best way to begin, is to begin.

And so this first post is intended to be nothing more than that: a beginning.

Drunk & Disorderly will be a legal blog, but at the same time it will be a people blog. People commit crimes, people are fairly and unfairly charged, people suffer in and out of court. When was the last time your dog was pulled over for a DUI?

This is a place for me. A place to sound off, think out loud, and share some things both important and not too important to me. I should probably do some thinking in quiet before I write anything here, for your sake and mine, but I don't want this space to be measured or academic in any way. I'm not sure I could even be academic. For a while -- maybe for a long while, maybe forever -- things will be pretty chaotic. I like chaos. You'll get a lot of it here.

I'll write here whatever I like, whenever I like. Most of it will be related to legal issues in general, and criminal defense topics in particular. Some of it will be related to nothing at all. None of it will be legal advice. If you need legal advice call me or one of the 18,000 other lawyers in Colorado, make an appointment, and we'll take your money.

This is a place for you, too. A place to find information, a sympathetic ear, maybe a laugh or two. I'll try not to bore you. I'll sure as hell try not to bore me.

There. That's it. That's my beginning.

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